March 5&6, 2022 – Natalie Drummond, Deflected Double Weave, 10am-4pm

April 3, 2022 – Mary Heumann, Nalbinding 10am – 4pm


October 16, 2021 – Emily Wohlscheid, Handspun Wire Core 10am-1pm

This exploratory workshop takes students from learning the basics of spinning around a fine wire core to utilizing these techniques to experiment with other core materials with similar properties. In addition to spooled jewelry wire, students will spin yarn around battery operated LED strands and fabric covered floral wire. Emphasis will be placed on how to adjust the wheel for unusual yarns and prepare various core materials for spinning. Valuable tips and tricks to avoid over-twisting and wire breakage will be covered for all core materials with suggestions for how to use the finished “yarn.” Textured fibers, such as those made on a drum carder, or as punis or rolags, are best suited for this type of spinning.

Emily will provide a kit of materials for $18, or you can purchase your own supplies. You will need to bring a spinning wheel and various small tools to class. This is a fun class and an opportunity to make interesting art yarn that can be used to decorate holiday packages, the house, even your hair – I mean, everyone wants a lighted halo during the darkest part of the year, right? This is your chance to wrap wool around a string of LED lights!

Location: GRPD Metro Lodge 97 1753 Alpine Ave NW, Grand Rapids MI 49504